1. champagnefurby:

    los angeles, 2014

    This book will never disturb you on a plane.

  2. jolanjoe:




    Remember when I blindly hated Russel Brand? I fucked up.

    "They’re in a better position to judge than I am."

    I think this is how most open minded people who value communication, connection, and are willing to learn from others think.

    …Did… Did Russel Brand just explain how to react to being called out on something? 


    never underestimate this man

    I dig it.

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  3. I talked to the lovely Jian Ghomeshi for a morning radio interview in Canada without the fart noises.  I discuss why I don’t think stand-up is “brave” and why I don’t think I’m that personal of a comedian - with my hair in a bun early in the morning.

  4. I have been wearing this outfit for four days straight. That is a new record for loving something. I will change my clothes today.  I owe it to the suitcase I’ve been lugging around since Friday and will continue to lug until Sunday.

  5. superseriousshow:

    Jen Kirkman // The Super Serious Show, July 2014

    *Photo by Callie Biggerstaff

    This is the moment I banished everyone in the Kingdom who doesn’t appreciate a woman in a fun turban hat.

  6. tirandes:

    Jen Kirkman on @midnight reacting to the mere words “Dungeons & Dragons” is my day-to-day vibe


  7. TORONTO! Two shows tonight sold out for #JFL42 but tickets are still available for my 11pm show Wednesday night.

    Tickets here!


  8. Thank you, Eugene Mirman for letting me part of the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival in Brooklyn this past weekend. As always, The Bell House is my favorite place to perform in NYC.

    And since the popular among the young and hip website Brooklyn Vegan came to review the show but left when I took the stage as headliner - due to what seemed like the author saying he hates my comedy and he wrote about my “success” in an undermining, condescending way and then said he was drunk and had gas….so I’ll review my own set. (Click the link above to read his “review”)

    "I was the only woman on the show (just happened that way…) and everyone was amazing, hilarious, successful, talented, beloved and the audience was wonderful.  I came on at midnight after the audience had already been slayed with two hours of non-stop comedy. I had a hugely great set which involved interacting with the audience, improvising on some new material and closing with a story.  I’ll say it - I killed.  I’m sorry little boys who write for websites can’t get on board with my comedy. I was punk rock before the kid who wrote this article was - not that that matters. But I can hold my liquor and stay up past midnight and I’m older than him.  I will correct him on a few things. Although my book was a "best seller" it didn’t sell "zillions" of copies due to the book industry being in the toilet, so while it’s difficult and an honor to be a best seller it doesn’t any longer imply zillions sold, something he would know out of personal experience if he wrote for more than just websites.  While I did a great job and loved being on Chelsea Lately, I wouldn’t say I was beloved by the audience.  Many times Chelsea Lately fans have come to my shows disappointed that I’m a little more raw in real life and not talking about Lindsay Lohan, something that Brooklyn Vegan readers should love but won’t give a chance to - because I guess it’s not cool to watch a successful woman from L.A. who is on TV do comedy.  And he can say his attitude isn’t steeped in sexism all he wants - but of course that’s what he would say. He’s a young white guy. Also, I was wearing tight rubber pants. No man worth his salt would walk away from that."  - Jen Kirkman’s review of her set at the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, Saturday 9/22 at 10pm at the Bell House in Brooklyn."

  9. bookstalker:

    Swimming Against the Mainstream panel with Jen Doll, Jen Kirkman, and Tanya Selvaratnam, moderated by Alexander Chee. #BKBF

    This was a fantastic event.  Thanks to everyone who came and packed the place out.  Jen Doll and Tanya Selvaratnam are incredible and I’m excited to read their books.

  10. Folks! My show at the Park Theatre in Winnipeg has SOLD OUT - so another show was added.

    Get tickets here and now!

    Goddamn it you people are making me work twice as hard.

    Tickets here: