1. Tickets are on sale now Charlotte, NC! Give me to your loved ones for Christmas!

  2. Larry King is a g-damn national treasure (updated)

  3. Larry King is a national g-damn treasure.

  4. femininefreak:

    Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman-Hughes, 1972 and 2014

    Both by Dan Bagan

    Thanks for posting this PFT!

    (via paulftompkins)

  5. fuckyeahjenkirkman:

    Here’s a typical thing that happens to Jen Kirkman on twitter:

    • She lists things she will block
    • A guy immediately tweets her one of the things she said she would block
    • He gets blocked
    • He is in shock
    • He is indignant
    • He was a fan but not anymore, not after she blocked him for tweeting her a thing she JUST SAID SHE WOULD BLOCK PEOPLE FOR TWEETING TO HER

    Thank you #fuckyeahjenkirkman for making this. Since I blocked him I didn’t see this. But the world should!

  6. I Just Get So Many Fan Letters!

    Ms. Kirkman has apparently blocked my Twitter account although I have never posted anything there that contained insult, criticism or derogatory comments directed towards her or anyone else. If she does not care to read anything that I have written, I certainly do not care to read anything that she has written - nor do I care to listen to her podcast or ever again spend money to see her perform live.


    [name redacted]

    [but it’s a grown man]

  7. Tickets just went on sale. Buy so many and tell everyone and come out in droves so that the club is like, “Wow. She’s not some dumb-ass.”



  8. Boehner gets shy on the dance floor.

    But even the casual atmosphere couldn’t coax Boehner to bust a move as the band played its last song for the night, Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.”

    Several bargoers reportedly stood up to dance, and for a moment, “It looked like Mr. Boehner was going to dance with us,” said one local. “He stood up and started to dance a little bit, but as people started shooting video he and the Secret Service made their escape.” - TheHill.com

    This article about John Boehner ALMOST dancing to Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” at a bar in San Diego is the best political story of the day, the week!

    I could never be in politics because I need to be free to dance to Zep as I see fit without voters judging me. Maybe what this country needs is a Speaker of the House who DOES dance to Led Zeppelin…..

    One thing is for sure - it’s nearly impossible to dance to “Whole Lotta Love” so I think JB made a decision that even I can get behind.

  9. mattbraunger:

    Regram from @atmidnightcc. I’m on tonight with @Jokoy & @JenKirkman. We have fun, & I say dirty things. Tune the F in!

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